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Best Javascript Plugins For Web Design

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Best Javascript Plugins For Web Design We always aim to make websites work well for users without javascript enabled, but there’s no hiding from the fact that javascript is quickly becoming an necessity. Below are a selection of Javascript Libraries we find useful or interesting. We will be skipping over the obvious choices like jQuery, Bootstrap instead focusing on the smaller players that help us the most.


FitVid View Plugin:

get link This is a simple plugin that has worked its way into many websites. We rely on this plugin when not only working with embedded videos but also when working with Google maps. Google maps aren’t responsive by default, by adding a small snippet of code into our project we can make our CMS (Content Management System) far easier to use. We cannot expect clients to manually edit the with & height parameters of a Google map before pasting it into to the website with this plugin we manage all this for them like magic.

Magnific Popup

see View Plugin:

follow site This is our go to Lightbox / Modal tool. Although we use Bootstrap for the majority of our front end builds we tend to avoid using the built in modals. Magnific Popup provides us with many more customisation and implementation options over the Bootstrap default modals which can be clunky to customise. Magnific come with minimal styling letting us get the look we want without having to compromise on code cleanliness.
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Moment JS

34d6893791c790c30657ab8b8176922f View Plugin:

binaire opties software Moment JS is an absolute must when dealing with dates on the front-end. We use Carbon for PHP throughout our Laravel Based CMS (Content Management System). Moment give us a similar API and therefore confidence when dealing with dates on the front-end. Moment comes in handy when working on complicated javascript applications relying on client side templates.


enter View Plugin: This is the often forgotten third member of our team. Gulp sits in the background and looks after a lot for us, when we working on the front-end. Gulp compiles our SASS code, adds all required vendor prefixes and combines all our code into a single file great for speed. Our gulp experience has been drastically improved by Laravel Elixir which makes the setup of everything above trivially simple letting us get on with the more important aspects of a website.